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Not everyone wants their wedding to be ‘themed as’ such, but most weddings have an element of cohesion that runs right through them, whether decided consciously or not. Whatever you choose will inevitably reflect elements of your personalities, your lives and aspirations.

Your ‘theme’ will grow directly from your earlier thoughts when you decided what kind of ‘vibe’ you wanted your wedding to have. Whether you decide to have a traditional/contemporary, simple/grand, formal/relaxed or city/country wedding, will certainly help inform your theme. Some things simply go together, for example a traditional marquee wedding works well with an ‘English Country Garden’ theme. Similarly a metropolitan wedding with a ‘Hollywood Glamour’ theme will work well together.

Your wedding theme need not be fixed to one thing alone. For example you may reflect your love of designer labels and the great outdoors by choosing to host your wedding at a boutique bolthole in the country.

Whatever you decide to have fun with it, don’t be too much of a purist and let both of your personalities shine through. Remember to include Stationary, Flowers, Props, Table Decorations, Favours, Cake, and Entertainment in your theming ideas.

At ‘The Wedding Vine’ we will be showing you how to recreate themes and style your wedding like the professionals – so keep watching this space. Below is a selection of themes to whet your appetite:

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