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Whether you’re having a traditional, religious, secular, alternative or civil service, you’ll probably want to include some sort of wedding reading in your ceremony.

It may be that you have the perfect thing in mind – a poem, song lyrics, story or extract – but if you’re stuck, then these suggestions may help.

Some things to think about include:

Who will be taking the reading? A friend, family member, yourself or your partner, or you can even ask the officiant to perform your reading for you.

How long will your reading be? Wedding readings should be shorter than a few minutes long – so no Homeric epics please!

Is your reading self-explanatory or will it need some background information? ‘In jokes’ won’t work here – and it’s not fair on your guests if it’s only you and the bridesmaid sniggering at some obscure reference…

Is your reading suitable for your ‘audience’ – you don’t want to offend anyone with your reading, even if your favourite song IS a death-metal ode!

As with all aspects of your wedding, think carefully about how your reading fits in with the other elements – style, formality, personality and sense of humour. Or if you trust a close friend or family member to know you through and through, you could even ask for a surprise reading from someone you love.

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