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Grooms Attire

Wedding Mens Formal WearToday's more relaxed attitudes mean the modern groom and groomsmen can make a bold statement about their contemporary lifestyle with what’s worn underneath the jacket. The biggest changes in mens wedding attire is found in their accessories...

The latest in-vogue look for men is traditional and elegant.   Notched collars are in, shawl and winged collars are out.  Shirts are not pleated and collars are pointed and traditional...the overall effect is conservative, tailored and distinguished. 

Wedding fashion trends are changing and we are seeing more and more tux's with long windsor knot ties replacing bow ties.  Cummerbunds are out, vests are IN!

Aim for groomsmen's accessories that compliment the groom rather than match the groom or the bridesmaids. If the groom is wearing a black vest with silver detailing, consider the opposite for the groomsmen...such as a silver vest with black detailing.  

What is important however, is that there is no clash of colours with the bridesmaids. Colours such as silver or black for the groomsmen go well with most bridesmaids dresses.

The stylish grooms of Europe are selecting ivory as their preferred wedding tie colour. Whether grooms are choosing ivory ties for  themselves or they are complimenting their bride’s wedding dress, ivory is IN.  At the time of placing the bridal gown order, ask the supplier for additional ivory bridal gown fabric and organise ties to be made up from the same fabric for the groom, groomsmen and page boys...just perfect!

Europe’s top selling colours for ties:
    1. Ivory
    2. Scarlet Red
    3. Burnt Orange
    4. Cerise Pink
    5. Gold
    6. Sand
    7. Sage Green
    8. Lilac
    9. Pale Pink
    10. Teal

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