Send Your Wedding Invitation

Wedding invitations are one of the most important wedding decisions. Not only do they notify your guests of your impending wedding, if chosen carefully they can also inform your guests about:

  • The style of you wedding (formal or casual),
  • Your wedding locale (destination-wedding, local wedding, church, park, etc.),
  • Your personal style (contemporary or traditional)
  • Color scheme, and
  • The theme of your wedding, if you have one.

Wedding invitations also vary in price point from very expensive to quite reasonable. You’ll want to choose them with care, so that you get the best invitation possible at your price point. The pricepoint of your wedding invitations will depend on quite a few things including:

  • Paper selected,
  • Print used,
  • How many sheets of paper are used,
  • How the paper is folded, and
  • How many inserts are included in the invitation.

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