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This article aims to reduce the strain of creating your wedding table layout. Having to organise seating arrangements in advance is essentially inevitable so here are some hints and tips to assist you.

Let’s begin with the wedding party’s table. Generally the layout is: – the bride and groom seated centrally, with the bride’s mother and father placed around them, then the grooms mother and father placed next to them and finally the head bridesmaid and best man on the far ends of the table. Traditionally the seating plan will also alternate between men and women etc.

It is possible that you will also be accommodating stepparents from either side, or indeed both. Some possible solutions are displayed below.

Bride’s mother and/or father are remarried.

Bride’s Stepfather- Head Bridesmaid – Groom’s Father – Bride’s Mother – Groom – Bride – Bride’s Father – Groom’s Mother – Best Man – Bride’s Stepmother

Groom’s mother and/or father are remarried.

Best Man – Groom’s Stepmother – Groom’s Father – Bride’s Mother – Groom – Bride – Bride’s Father – Groom’s Mother – Groom’s Stepfather – Head Bridesmaid

Naturally not all tables will be able to accommodate these solutions and it is entirely possible that there could be the additional issue of both sets of parents having remarried. If this is the case then a possible solution would be to only include the couple’s parents, and to seat any step relatives on a separate table. In some instances, however, this may not be possible without causing offense, in which case it may be preferable to include only the bridal party itself on the table, and to have a separate table for the remainder of the group. Another potential situation which could affect the seating plan would be any children of the bride, groom, or both. If you have chosen to seat them with you then it may be preferable to seat them either side of yourselves, providing this does not lead to too crowded a table

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