Stag And Hen Nights

It’s one of the most exciting events on the run up to any wedding, and certainly an experience that’ll be looked back upon for years. Indeed, a stag or hen party is a quintessential part of wedding planning – so it’s worth making it an event to truly cherish and remember – both for the bride and groom to be, as well as all the party participants.

There are, of course, many ways to plan a stag or hen party. But a good place to start is with ideas of what the bride or groom might like. If he or she isn’t big on parties, then planning a wild and crazy night out on the town isn’t going to give them the type of stag or hen do that they’d enjoy. Get all the party-planners together to brainstorm a list of activities the bride and groom might like, and proceed with your planning from there.

If you want to veer away from the party scene – or if you simply want to include a range of activities during a stag weekend – you might want to consider a golfing getaway. Due to its affordability and availability both in the UK and throughout Europe – such as in Hungary, Latvia, and Poland – golfing is a popular activity for stag parties. Include it as a day activity on a weekend getaway, or make it the focus of a stag weekend. Either way, it’s fun and a great way for the lads to bond.

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