Wedding Gift List

In choosing to have a wedding gift list it is a practical way of guaranteeing that you and your partner receive the presents you really want and desire. After all nobody really needs to have three toasters or half a dozen cutlery sets! Your individual taste as a couple is more than likely to slightly different to that of your Great Aunt, as you may have already had the opportunity of discovering if she was one of your guests when you went wedding gown shopping! Surely after all the time, effort and money you have put into your wedding you deserve the perfect wedding gifts from those who are sharing in your special day. You will have great fun compiling it and it’s stress free shopping, we all know how much men despise being dragged around the shops!

For the modern day wedding a gift list has become common practice. You may be pleasantly surprised that your guests will be more than happy to select something that you want, rather than having to think of what you would like as a present. However you should always allow your guests to choose something from your gift list at their discretion, there may be a few that may wish to purchase you a ‘surprise’ present.

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