Choose The Wedding Suppliers

Choosing the right wedding suppliers is like choosing your best man or your bridesmaids for the big day! Your team of suppliers and vendors will work with you from the beginning to end. Having the best vendors, and more importantly, having vendors who understand your requirements, is what will make your wedding a dream wedding.


You need to develop open communication with your vendors. Talk to them through email, text, and phone to deal with any problems as and when they arise. Emails can be written to clarify any points or to provide a detailed description of any item.

As compared to e-mail or texts, however, it is better to call up your vendors as you get an immediate response and you get to know what the other person is thinking. You can also get any spontaneous suggestions or recommendations they may have to make.

If possible, schedule meetings with vendors. Go to meetings, get samples and see the portfolio of your vendors. Write down all your requirements so you know what to talk about on your first visit to a vendor.


Do thorough research about the vendors you will be going to. Get to know the latest trends, prices and variety available in market so that vendors do not deceive you. Compare prices and services of different vendors along with the services they are offering.

Visit websites of vendors that you are considering hiring. You might also want to ask some other people about their experience with the same vendor.


This is an important part in deciding how things will turn out to be on the wedding day. You need to sample cakes, listen through different tracks and taste food items to get an idea of what you will be getting on your wedding day.

Once you decide on a sample, write down a specific description of the item to tell your vendor you want his on your wedding day.


Ask your friends, colleagues and other people in your social circle to advise you about good suppliers. Some will share their horror stories from which you can learn while some will guide you to the best florist, beautician or caterer they know of so can you have an easy time picking out suppliers.

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