Wedding Guest List

When you think about all the things you have to buy, the size of your guest list can make or break the bank. Your locale, the catering and even the cost of your cake is all based on how how many people you’re considering inviting. For instance, the average size invitation list is around 75 to 150 people and most typical, reasonably priced reception venues may only have the ability to accommodate up to 150 people. After that, you either have to start looking for more expensive venues or reducing your head count if you’re set on having your reception at that establishment.

How you want to feed your guests is largely dictated by the cost per guest and if you need to stay inside of your spending plan, you may probably have to double check your guest list to make sure you can feed them all or again, reduce the list if you’re set on a selected menu. This all creates a challenge in developing your wedding guest list because you don’t want to forget any integral guests or give in to the impulse to invite and pay for nonessential guests. Now if your parents are footing the expenses and they want to invite hundreds of guests, half of which you may not even know, there may be little you can do about it.

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